• Amy

    I'm AMY, a 28yo fun loving sexy girl! I'm perfectly formed, all woman, sexy,bond all ENGLISH Girl!

    I love to try new things, explore, go to gigs, parties, events, I'm starving for adventures. I enjoy traveling, learning languages and different cultures, a good wine/whisky/beer, climbing (I should start again but it is expensive here!), biking (some bastard took my bike!!!! are you selling one?), dancing, bla, bla, bla,... I'm curious by nature.. I would love to learn how to play Ukelele and harmonica, surf, run faster, speak french, maori... lots of things to do!!!!

    But what I REALLY enjoy doing most is meet new interesting MEN! I mean REAL MEN please!

    What am I doing with my life? I'm well into the world massage and all that is to do with the "pleasures of the flesh and mind". I learned quite a few tricks in my travels and I try to implement them in my new part time profession as an erotic masseuse in London.

    You should book me if ... If you're, fun, intelligent, driven, cultured, engaged and care about societal issues, generous and love cats and have a cute accent... Ok you probably don't exist. So if you have any two of the listed qualities we will probably get along very well :)

  • CLASSIC: Body-2-Body & B J

    I will have you lie face down, naked, on the bed and gently start stroking you and massage you with my entire body, you will enjoy a proper body on body massage. You will feel the gentle caress of my breast and nipples on your body as I do this.

    I will now have you turn over and will start long gliding strokes from your shoulders down over your abdomen onto your legs, you will again feel the erotic charge of my body caressing & teasing yours. You will feel my glide from one part of your body to another you will feel my body brush over your genitals, teasing them. This teasing process, is drawn out by brushing the inner thighs, near the genitals, very lightly touching the pubic region.

    The rest of your erotic massage will now focus on the genitals, a prolonged BlowJob + periodic sweeps up and down your body to spread, balance, energy, and integrate the sensations. I will slow down, stop, start again...until the blissful finish..;)

    Simply lie down and enjoy!

  • Intimate
  • INTIMATE: Assisted Shower, Body-on-Body & B J

    I offer sensuality at its best, starting with a long steamy hot assisted shower where I will scrub ALL your body with shower gel (and you can have your first playful climax)...

    Then we continue with a oily nude body to body massage to slowly build up the tension again to just before the point of no return, keeping you at that peak for as long as you can take it... culminating with an explosive orgasm that is far stronger anything you've experienced before, Guaranteed.

    Lingham massage is sacred and can be a profound experience. The techniques I use for the Lingham massage are Tantric massage techniques that have been studied and practiced widely in the world of tantra.

  • MUTUAL: Assisted Shower, Body-on-Body Both Ways! & B J

    Close your eyes and drift away as my hot hands press and manipulate your muscles, stroking, rubbing, kneading and oiling your bare skin... easing away tensions and leaving you tingling... preparing you for what is to come..:)

    As the music grows more seductive, your excitement mounts as I climb onto the bed and lower my perky breasts onto your back, your buttocks, my legs between yours. A short pause for us both to savour the sensations of bodily touch then I slide along your torso, butt, thighs and calves. After several minutes of slipping and sliding, you can turn over to face up.

    You lie on the bed as I apply soothing pressure to your body. We will both be naked and there's lots of full body exploration and nude, oily body slide!

    Then..we switch roles! Touch and massage me, too! A ceremony with much erotically romance. A lot of closeness and exchange eternize this massage. Mutual massage - sinful like the hell, gently like the sky!

    Imagine how aroused you will become, as you listen to the sensuous music, breathe in the delicious scents and let yourself drift away, anticipating my first touch of your bare skin.

  • Rates

    CLASSIC (includes B2B & B J)
    1 Hour - £100      1.5 Hours - £150      2 Hours - £200

    INTIMATE(includes Assisted Shower, B2B & B J)
    1 Hour - £120      1.5 Hours - £170      2 Hours - £220

    MUTUAL (includes B2B, Reverse Massage & B J)
    1 Hour - £140      1.5 Hours - £190      2 Hours - £240

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    Please no private numbers, call is preferred for initial contact. 1-2 hours notice is preferred.


    11am - 10pm
    Incalls in SWISS COTTAGE

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